Friday, May 26, 2006

I know I say this every week..

Mutterings continued.

but, bloody hell!, it's Friday again. And next week is June.

Another gorgeous day; cold start, only 4c at 4am, but it warmed up nicely and is currently 19c. Much the same tomorrow.

Had lunch with Genette at Book Caffe (I had the usual, so did she, though in her case, the usual is smoked salmon Caesar salad). Sat outside, could have stayed there all arvo, drinking coffee and nattering. I also bought a book - The Picture of Dorian Gray, which has some of interesting contemporary reviews. The words "filth", "mudheap" and "incurably silly" appear.

Not sure what's happening for dins tomorrow night - might have L, not sure about R. I understand Leece may be accompanied by fish.


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