Thursday, May 18, 2006

Watta coupla days!

Mutterings continued.

Didn't blog last night or go out to Dins with TUS (was looking forward to chilli beef; found out from Leece that Betty's had run out of beef so I guess there was an upside). Got home to find only Milo waiting for me at the door - Gus was nowhere in sight. This is most unusual as she loves her food and always demands her dinner. Called her, looked for her, no Gus. She eventually came out of the back room and lay under the kitchen table; didn't want her dinner.

She spent the rest of the evening alternating between hiding in the most inaccessible part of the spare room and the throwing up in the bathroom. I figured I'd be taking her to the vet's this morning, so I put a board across the door to the spare room so she couldn't hide again.

Got up this morning to find her sitting on the lounge; she squeaked at me, as she does, and ran into the kitchen for breakfast. Now Milo was missing. I found him behind the board in the spare room where he didn't move from the time I got up to the time I left for work.

Came home early as I was feeling pretty dodgy ("You're looking very pale, are you alright?") thinking I'll probably be taking Milo to the vet's. Both were at the door - Gus has now eaten two dinners and Milo, though not his usual self, has eaten. And is eating again.

The night before last, Gus got into the rubbish bin and fished out a couple of chop bones. I found them in the lounge room, picked clean. I thought she may have hurt her mouth or teeth. I wasn't looking forward to taking her to the vet's as she's impossible to do anything with - the first and only time she went to the vet's, she had to be sedated for him to check her over. She's now sitting in the kitchen, washing her face, and Milo is staring out the back door.

Had lunch at Secret Squirrel with Kim - we walked there and back again and so can justify the chips that came with the meal. I had pumpkin patties (though I'm convinced the tag next to them said 'pumpkin pobblebonk'.

Two cards from the Post Office in the last two days - Professionals DVDs from the UK and towels from the Assoc. for the Blind.

Put on your black t shirts and break out the air guitar - Darth Vader gone metal.


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