Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cross-eyed Thursday

Mutterings continued.

Spent most of the day cross referencing Orangutan menstrual cycles with occurences of mating and putting the data into a neat, colourful spreadsheet.

Had lunch with Kim at the Dome Cafe in Mends St. We both ordered the club sandwich, which looked quite manageable in the menu but turned out to be huge. Had trouble finishing it (we both left bits of bread but managed to finish the fillings). There's an ad on the Dome page for a Dome Choc Wedge - they are soooo good! I got hooked on them when I was working in the Education Office last year. There's an ice cream vending machine close by - too close by - and every afternoon we would go on the Choc Wedge run. Thank the Small Gods we don't have such an evil machine up our end of t'Zoo. We have charity chocolates instead (Freddos, Caramello Koalas, etc) in the fridge in the Exotic Office; money from the sales go to Rhino projects.

A warm day - it's currently 28c! And it's autumn, for crying out loud. Much the same over the next three days, with a possiblity of showers on Monday.

Oooh, cool Dr Who stuff. Hmmm, would like a clockwork Dalek. There's also a Patrick Troughton model - wonder if they'd make me a David Troughton version??

And apropos of nothing, I have a small lump on my arm where I had my flu jab, but no bruising.


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