Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Critter Wednesday

Mutterings continued.

Back from dinner with TUS-L-R. I called into the Cat and Fiddle gift shop and bought myself some owls. Very cute. And then I had nachos with Steveg and Maureen. Great to catch up.

Our lunch time perambulations took us to the Silvery Gibbons via the Crested Macaques and White-cheeked Gibbons (the ones I can hear singing from my office). The bub Silvery G was having a great old time brachiating to and fro and generally being a nuisance to the rest of the troop.

We were met on the path near my office by a Kookaburra that allowed us to touch it.

Gus is in 'waiting for the mothership to land' mode. She keeps staring up at the front door. The last time she stared at something like that, a picture fell off the wall.

BBC's Radio 4 has got a great list of comedy shows online, including I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again and Dead Ringers.

I've just finished reading A.R.R.R. Roberts' The Va Dinci Cod. Most amusing. My favourite section is his description of the 'hero': "His teachers despaired of him. He found it hard to take the conventional syllabus in. For many years he had believed that the noted Jacobean tragedy was indeed called Tis a Pity She's a Whore Stop Giggling at the Back Jenkins. He couldn't remember the difference between the three Lawrences, the DH (Mr), the TE (Mr) and the Merry Xmas (Mr).

Robert was an all-round scholar. By which I mean he was all round. He looked like one of those vast pale balloons that used to terrorise Patrick McGoohan on the beach at Port Meirion - same shape, same colour and, pretty much, the same consistency, only with a broad flat-topped head at one end."


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