Sunday, April 23, 2006

There and back again, again.

Mutterings continued.

Just back from a day trip down to Mandurah. Lovely day, lovely company. And ice cream at Simmo's!!

Ros shows off her new purple hat.

I wuz framed, I tells ya!

Tres artistic.


The gang.

Lovely clear green water under the town bridge.

We came across a flock of Corellas having a whale of a time swinging on the fairy lights. Rob got a better pic and will be forwarding it to me.

Ice cream cam! This is a Simmo's sundae with apple and rhubarb, tiramasu and Cointreau strawberry cheesecake. No cream as I'm on a diet, tee hee.

One should never dive or jump into the traffic.

And now for something silly. My new phone has all sorts of photo options. This is but one.


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