Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Saturday that feels like a Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Cat food and shiny things

Boring grocery shopping and more interesting ABC Shop shopping this morning. This week's shiny purchase was Ardman's Creature Comforts eps 7 to 13 - on special for $14.95.

No L and R for dins tonight as they have bussed off to the outback for games. Wonder how they'll go without their weekly Bill Bailey fix...

A propos of nothing

Pictures of Gus and Milo.

Milo in sunlight.

Gus says, "What?"

Milo snoozing.

Cute Overload

Look ad da cude liddle hammy inna pipe!


Anonymous leece said...

We were just saying we should have brought some Bill Bailey with us to watch over dinner.

Leece, in Narrogin.

10:18 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

Mind you, I had also been Bailey-less until I tested the weeny DVD player before packing it into my suitcase with a round of BBC news and Das Hokey Cokey.

10:58 am  

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