Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Tuesday

Mutterings continued.

during which I tempted fate and had a look at some big bugs.

It's behind you!!!!!

A wonderful nature photographer called Jane Davenport is having an exhibition of her insect photos, What's the Buzz, at the Zoo. The photos have been blown up and placed on large boards in the rainforest.

You wouldn't read about it!!

Amongst the books and journals I inherited when the library moved into my office, are over 100 video tapes of all sorts of Zoo-related things. I'd decided to put them into archive boxes and store them with the Records Officer as nobody ever looks at them and I need the shelf space. So what happens this afternoon after I'd carefully packed away Nos. 49 - 113? Fortunately, the two tapes that were requested were right on top of box #2 so I didn't have to unpack everything.

Meetings, meetings...

Just got out of one meeting and I have to go to another one. Off to UWA in a wee while for the GRADS committee meeting. We're meeting in the new University House, which is nice.


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