Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bounteous Book Booty

Mutterings continued.

Took a quick trip to the Stock Road Markets in Spearwood (the trip would have been quicker if I didn't have to find a petrol station that wasn't full of morons trying to go In the Exit, thereby causing gridlock, or where half the unleaded pumps weren't out of order) to visit my favourite second hand book store.

This is the place where I found a whole mess o' BBC Shakespeares. Today I came away with the 1964 hardback edition of Michael Green's The Art of Coarse Acting (I have the softback updated version but there's something nice about a hardback); the Best One-Act Plays of 1939; the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust Report 1955; and three editions of Encore magazine from 1965 (one of which contains a damning criticism of Franco Zefferelli's Much Ado at the National Theatre. With Prof. Robert "I Clavdivs" Graves as script editor and Robert Stephens starring, you'd think it couldn't go wrong. Apparently it did. Having the actors speak in strong Sicilian actors was only one of (many) things that got up the reviewer's nose).

Had a good evening last night with L and R - tasty chicken and salad dish, followed by dessert-type things from Miss Maud's. Lots of good viewing too, including a French CGI animation film called Kaena (was wonderful and had the voices of Richard Harris, Mike "Office Space; Whose Line" McShane, Dwight "A Team; ST:TNG" Schultz, and the lovely Greg Proops for good measure); Space:1999 and a really, no, I mean, REALLY, bad Japanese tv-series-episodes-strung-together-to-make-a-movie-oh-why-did-they-bother?-movie given the MST3K touch (All together now... "He tried to kill him with a forklift....").

In Get Fuzzy, Bucky the cat has come up with some amusing cross-genre comics - comics and music, for example, gives us Simon and Garfield. Dilbert and Sullivan. Marmaduke Ellington.


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