Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stephen Fry on Graphic Novels

Mutterings continued.

Have you become interested in graphic novels since getting involved in V?
I’ve read Watchmen, which I think is an extraordinary piece of work, an absolutely towering achievement, and I will read more. I need someone to take me through it, because you go into a shop that specialises in these things and Comic Book Man from The Simpsons is there saying, “Do not touch that please” and you have no idea what’s a good one or what’s a crap one. It’s like someone who’s never read a novel going in and not knowing what’s Danielle Steele and what’s Jane Austen. They’re just names. So I rely on people like Jonathan Ross and friends of mine who know these things to tell me what to read next. I have to confess – I’m enough of a slob to feel embarrassed about reading them on trains. I know that’s terrible and I should be reading them proudly, but I sort of hide them under plain covers.


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