Thursday, March 23, 2006

The rain it raineth every day

Mutterings continued.

Not quite but we did get a nice drop of the wet stuff yesterday. It stopped in time for us to go up at 8pm with a dry stage and dry audience. The fairies froze their proverbials off, however. A forecast of 20c today. Nice.

Last night's audience was rowdy before 'curtain up', but rapt, attentive and appreciative. They laughed a lot and got all the jokes. I got to the theatre about 5pm to take down the tatty old ivy and put up the new. The peacocks started on it as soon as it had gone up, the bastards. Probably won't be any left when I get there tonight. *sigh* In Shakespeare's day they probably would have captured the peacocks and eaten them; unfortunately this lot are treated as sacred by the University and you get into trouble if you do anything to them. Bloody exotic pests.

Owies! Just got back from lunch with the gels, and one chap, at the wonderful Annalakshmi in Perth. Great vegetarian food, serve yourself, go back for seconds (I only went back for a second cup of orange and pineapple juice) and you pay what you feel you think is right. We agreed on $10 each, which is really cheap for the amount of food. Lovely semolina, condensed milk and cardamon dessert. Mmmm.

We caught the ferry there and back, a nice little trip. A bit rough on the way back but I don't mind a bit of rough. Let me rephrase that...

The 'owies' refers to my left knee and shin which are giving me gyp. Dunno why, age I suppose.


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