Saturday, March 11, 2006

First day of the weekend.

Mutterings continued.

A pleasant day - it's currently 23c, which is just about perfect.

I've done two lots of shopping today - groceries this morning and props this arvo. Shiny thing purchase this morning: Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing DVD. I found it in K Mart for $15.99 but couldn't remember if I already had it. Bought it, on the off chance that I didn't (though I do have the video) as I could always return it. I checked the Shakespeare DVD shelf (yes, my DVDs are organised this way) and - huzzah! - I didn't have it. I'm still waiting on Branagh to release his Hamlet in DVD format.

Just thought of my other shiny thing purchases - silver sleeper earrings and a silver brooch with an amethyst in it for me. $7 and $24.50 respectively. Bargain!

Exciting props purchases: two cheap wedding rings for Helena and Hermia (I always buy cheap as I know they'll get lost) and some buckets to put Titania and Oberon's flares out in. And by flares, I don't mean the cheesy 70's trousers... T and O will be doing their firey thing (though not too firey, please the small gods) in the final act on the Juliet balcony. Stephen wants them to put the torches out in buckets of sand, so I bought two largish dark blue plastic tapered plant pots that look rather nice and not as obtrustive as your regular buckets. They were on special and didn't have bar codes, so the lass on the check out at Bunnings had to get someone with special sub-section security clearance to code them in the register. $6.95 and they needed a special somebody from a special sub-section with a code.

Now, I know that sports commentators aren't always the most highly educated of journalists... This mixed metaphor from a chap describing a football match: And that really put the cat among the wolves.

Foxtel Digital have added a couple of new features, one of which is a program guide to their Air stations. These are series of really rather good music only channels that include 60s, 70s, R and B, blues, soundtracks, classical etc. The guide tells you what was on, what's playing now and what's coming up. And it has a screen saver - previously it was just a blue screen with white words that burned itself into your tube. Or however television works. I'm currently listening to Pictures at an Exhibition, another piece of classical music I discovered via rock musicians (see previous posts on Blood, Sweat and Tears/Eric Satie). I was heavily into Emerson, Lake and Palmer in the 70s (weren't we all??) and bought their version of PaaE, not realising that they didn't actually write it, some Russian guy did. Yeah, yeah, I was a Philistine. Ahh, ELP - one of the greatest exponents of wank rock.

From the sublime to the gor'blimey: have changed to the 70s channel and am listening to Van Morrison and Them's Baby Please Don't Go.

I saw a trailer for X-Men III: The Last Stand last night. Sweet!

L and R for dins and DVDs tonight. Most of tomorrow will be spent at the New Fortune dressing the set, setting all the props and running the play. Promises to be a loooooooong day.


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