Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reeeeeelly long week

Mutterings continued.

Feb. is almost over but this week has just dragged by. And it's only Thursday.

Cafe Press amusings - didn't take long.

And speaking of CP, my two birthday t shirts, designed by Leece, were waiting on the mat when I got home. They look wonderful! One is an ass's head (Bottom) with the words, "Props Diva" under it and the other has "Help! I've fallen into the props store and I can't get out!", which pretty much sums up my time with GRADS. 8-)

Had lunch with Kim today (hello Kim, hello Greg, hello Kaylee, hello tree, hello sky, hello Molesworth). I had the sweet and sour fish with rice and Kim a very tasty looking mixed noodle dish with seafood.


Blogger fiona glass said...

Oh! Molesworth! You're the first person I've ever found who's even heard of him!!! Loved the idea of the skool sossidge and the skool piano going 'tinkle tinkle plonk' as a kid. :D

6:51 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

I first read the Molesworth stories in high school and just loved them. I'm a huge fan of Ronald Searle's and have a couple of his books, including Souls in Torment.

Sossidge is still pronounced 'sossidge'!

6:00 pm  

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