Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jetting about

Mutterings continued.

Lots of shopping this morning - some of it involving food, other to do with propping.

Found this via Stumble - it's called Cute Overload for readily apparent reasons. Have a look at Unusual Animals.

Last night I went through most of the extras and the Joss Wheedon commentary on Serenity. Cool stuff, especially the sequences of Summer Glau training for her fight scenes.

L and R are coming for dinner tonight and I'm doing something more suitable for winter - beef swag from the fab butcher's at Booragoon, mashed spud and carrots with tarragon.

Next Friday I'm off to the flicks with Director Pat and others to see The Bouncer, a film made a couple of years ago here in Perth in which a number of theatre types appears - David "Hamlet" Meadows, Jenny "Best Actress 2005" McCann, Fred "Claudius - who writes this shit?" Lawson amongst others.


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