Saturday, February 04, 2006


Mutterings continued.

Another Saturday, hurrah! Quite my favourite day of the week. Friday evenings and Saturdays.

Leece and Rob are coming for dins - they're cooking and I'm supplying the sweeeets and coffee.

I've been DVD purchasing this morning - the Muppet Movie for $19.80 from Woolies and Black Books 1 and 2 from the ABC Shop ($14.95 each. Bargain!). Black Books 1 has this written on the inside cover: "This DVD contains the first series of the series Black Books, the Channel 4 comedy series for that channel. (4). The first episode is episode one, which is then followed in sequence from numbers two through to six. The sixth being the last of the first six part series. The series was originally shown on Channel 4, but now for the first time since the original Channel 4 programme was made it is available on DVD, which this is.

"In order to operate this DVD you will need a DVD player or know somebody who owns or has access to a DVD player. To play this DVD put it inside the DVD player and press play. The programme is also available on video which will NOT WORK in a DVD player. In the event of possessing a DVD of Black Books without a DVD player, you will need to change your DVD for a video cassette, or you have a DVD player and a video of Black Books the reverse will, of course, in this instance, apply. The makers of this programme hope you will enjoy it in this exciting format. (DVD)" Dylan Moran.

I read it out to the ABC Shops sales lady as she was trying to work out why the computer wouldn't acknowledge my loyalty card. Oh, how we laughed!

A few weeks back I mentioned that I bought Joe Jackson's Night and Day album for one track - Stepping Out. I've been considering other albums I have bought for just one track:
  • Jethro Tull's Living in the Past - a double album with faux leather cover (you can't get that kind of quality with CDs!) - for Living in the Past
  • CCS's The Band Played Boogie for....the Band Played Boogie
  • Chicago's Chicago for Policeman
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears' BST for Sometimes in Winter (an album which introduced me to Eric Satie and one of my favourite pieces of music - Trois Gymnopodie. I discovered the writings of Herman Hesse via Santana. There is a quote from his "Demian" on the cover of Santana's Abraxus album.)
  • A Best Of triple set by....gasp...The Bee Gees because it contains Kilburn Towers, a gorgeous song I first heard a couple of times in the mid-70s and had been looking for ever since
  • Pentangle's Basket of Light for Light Flight - another song I heard in the 70s and have wanted ever since
  • and any number of foreign imports for tracks I've heard on ABC Classic FM.
And now, fun with Try /twat. Or /dick. Or other rude four letter words. Tee heeee.

I see that Blogger is fucked again. According to their "help" page the problem has been fixed, only it ain't. I keep getting error messages saying that I'm forbidden access to my own page or that there is no data.


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