Thursday, January 19, 2006

An eventful couple of days

Mutterings continued.

Yesterday I got an email from GRADS secretary, Fiona, asking if I was free for a meeting that night. I wasn't going to Retro's for dins with TUS as I had a doctor's appointment and didn't know how long it would take. Turned out I was about the only one of the committee for whom Wednesday was ok so it's been rescheduled for Sunday afternoon.

Went to the doc's and told him I thought my blood pressure was too low. I'd been comparing symptoms with a friend at work with low BP - headachy, light headedness, feeling tired and generally blah. Dr Lenn said, "No, you're blood pressure isn't too low. It's too high." It was 170/90, which, considering I'm taking medication, isn't good. So, I'm on a different drug and will go back in a month to see how it's going.

Got home from the doc's to find a letter from the landlord saying that a white ant inspector was going to be going through the units THE NEXT DAY and could I mail back a time on the roster when it was suitable. I rang the estate agent but it was after hours so I rang this morning and complained that I'd had no warning. The woman I spoke to thought the inspector was coming out on Friday. I was then told that they'd put me down for 12noon. So, I came home at lunch time, ate the left over Caesar with Attitude I'd got last night and thumbed through Vol. 3 of the Babylon 5 scripts that arrived today, while the guy wandered around with my torch (he'd forgotten his own), poked in cupboards and patted Milo.

Long-lost tunes dug up for jukebox of the net

· "Universal releases 100,000 vintage tracks online
· Archive raid aims to get older fans downloading

Greek singer Nana Mouskouri and the folk rock pioneers Fairport Convention might appear unlikely standard bearers for a technological revolution. But a record firm yesterday announced plans to exhume long deleted tracks by these artists and thousands of other acts, to boost sales and introduce internet downloads to a much wider audience."


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