Sunday, January 15, 2006

'arry's Moved Out

Mutterings continued.

Yes, young 'arry, the 'orrible 'airy spider has left home. He was getting a little too close for comfort however I more worried that he'd be affected by flyspray (Como has a blowfly plague) or be attacked by the cats (I've come across 'unstmen corpses before). Last night, Leece, spider-catcher extraordinnaire, gathered up her spider taming equipment (a chair, a glass and a Zoo postcard of a baby giraffe), captured him in the loo and put him outside on the balcony. A little while later Rob said, "Leece - look up." There was 'arry, scuttling across the ceiling. Round 2. This time, she took 'im downstairs to put 'im on the gum tree. Apparently 'e wasn't too keen on that, tried running up her arm, and ended up in the bushes.

I expect to see 'im again.

We had a good night last night. L and R brought along their new contact griller machine thingie and we had delish roast chicken with vegies. And I made a banana split with strawberries.

The viewing bill of fare involved the final part of Stargate Atlanis - the one we've been trying to see since the hotel stay - Space 1999 (another good 'un), an episode of Kolchak, the Night Stalker, and a very funny Mystie, The Black Scorpion.


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