Sunday, January 08, 2006

Humid, but..

Mutterings continued.

much more pleasant than yesterday.

Had L and R over for dinner - herby, crusty fish (breadcrumbs, chives, parsley, Dijon mustard and lemon) and chips (baked with a spray of olive oil) and salad (with chilli and garlic olives and fetta cheese) and tiramasu. Yum. And Rah Xephon, Space:1999 (which is getting better every episode), most of an ep of Stargate and Mystie's Monster a GoGo (yes, it was made in the 60's, why do you ask?).

I introduced Leece to 'arry last night; Rob didn't want to meet 'im, for some reason. 'arry 'as taken up residence in the bathroom, at the far end, above the cats' litter trays. I'm a card-carrying arachnophobe, however I seem to desensitising myself to 'arry's presence, which is good as Australia has its share of 'orrible 'airy, and not-so-'airy, spiders.

Today I finally went through the wardrobe, put all my trousers on proper hangers, moved all the winter stuff out and shoved in a plastic bag all the clothes I haven't worn for years and the metal coathangers that have been multiplying.


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