Monday, January 02, 2006

(Belated) Happy New Year, Everybody

Mutterings continued.

No blog yesterday as I really didn't have anything to say ("So what's new?" the audience mutters.) - pottered around a bit, did three loads of washing, dusted, all exciting stuff.

For Chrimbo, Ash gave me the DVD of the third series of Black Books, so last night I watched all the extras, including a very, very funny series of outtakes.

Just had a look back to see what I was doing this day a couple of years ago and note that I cited an article that stated that Rowan Atkinson was going to play Voldemort in HP and Goblet of Fire. Rowan Atkinson = Ralph Fiennes? Yeah, I can see how the mistake could have been made.

Today I'll do the rounds of the markets (Gosnells and Stock Road) for a bit of a mooch.


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