Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hotel - Part 2

Mutterings continued.

Our game of My Fleet's Bigger Than Your Fleet was interrupted by the arrival of room service. Mmmm....pie 'n chips 'n salad. And the beer was good too.

Rob hooked my portable DVD player into the telly (after some concern that the sound wasn't the best - the cable connecting it to the telly was for vid only. "If only we had another cable to connect to sound, " said Rob. "Like this?" I enquired, pulling yet another cable out of my suitcase).

As the kitchen was closing at 9pm, we ordered dessert (hazelnut icecream with choc biscuit sandwich) at 8.30 to scoff during the vids.

Viewing started with a rather grim episode of Space:1999 (in which alien Christopher Lee, looking like a cross between Sauruman and Draco Malfoy's dad) gets the better of slimy politician Michael Dotrice), followed by the start of Atlantis, which featured Jewel "Kaylee" Straite. Unfortunately, the disk wasn't too good so we didn't get to see what Kaylee was doing with the Stargate mob.

Tossed up between watching Mystie or going with a free movie. We plumped for Batman Begins and were very pleased we did. Cool film. I was assured that it had shades of The Shadow in it and I really should see that film too.

This morning - breakfast. I'd gone with the full brekkie - unusual for me as I only have low GI cereal and a cup of coffee most days, except when I'm travelling. As the stay in the hotel was my holiday for this year (and next, come to think of it), I went for the full breakers.

As pictured below:

The bacon was crisp, the hash browns tasty, and the poached eggs looked like dumplings, with the promise of yummy golden yolk within.

I was a little unsure about getting into the spa within an hour of eating such a feast, but I kept within the flags and wore my floaties so I was alright. Didn't overdo the bubbles this time, either. All-in-all, a lovely start to the day.

And the rest of the day has been spent doing bugger all.


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