Saturday, December 24, 2005

Forgot to mention (another one)....

Mutterings continued.

... it was Manfred's first birthday on Thursday. He was actually registered on the 16th December last year, but I didn't pick him up until the 22nd so that's his 'real' birthday.

Got all the Xmas shopping done this morning. By "all" I mean I got the last of my brother's pressies. And I've just come back from the hairdresser's and am soooooooooo happy with the result. Jenny, the el supremo, said, after surveying the results, "We will never let your hair get any longer than this again!"

So, while the blowdrying and wax still holds my hair in something approaching a style, some pics. I don't normally like taking, or having taken, photos of me, but ... what the hell!

Arty moi...

I think the mirror needs cleaning moi.

Off to Leece and Rob's tonight.

Have a happy and safe Xmas, everybody!


Anonymous leece said...

Nice haircut!

3:28 pm  
Blogger fiona glass said...

LOVE the new hair-do, Poss. *Very* stylish!!

10:39 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

Thanks, gals. I'm most happy with it and I think Jenny, the HD, had fun playing around with it!

8:52 am  

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