Monday, December 12, 2005

Elephants, eats, etc.

Mutterings continued.

Elephants - live webcam from the Jerusalem Zoo. They've had a bub Asiatic ele and placed a webcam in the nightquarters and out in the exhibit. Neither are very attractive but the eles are active and the calf is very cute. The cam doesn't seem to work with Firefox, unfortunately.

Went vinyl shopping yesterday but came away empty-handed. Replay Records in Kenwick has a great selection of old stuff but nothing took my fancy. I called into Mikasa on the way back and sorted a Xmas pres. for brother and sis-in-law.

I had lunch with school-chum Genette and her daughter today. Secret Squirrel was packed to the rafters and queues out the door, so we went to the Italian place next door where I had a very nice Crostini - chicken, avocado and mozzarella cheese.

From the "They Shouldn't Be Allowed Out Alone" files - "Lion bites woman's fingertip off.


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