Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chops, chips and company

Mutterings continued.

Dinner at Villa Picasso last night was great; pity the service was so slow. The entree, Italian sausage, fetta and.....gasp...olives was lovely. I ate all the olives. The Agnello (lamb cutlets with Mediterranean vegies) was delish. And the Tiramisu for afters went down a treat.

I bought Maureen a lovely picture book called Zen Shorts; it's aimed at kids but is just gorgeous and Maureen seemed to like it.

Thanks to Leece for pointing out that I managed to delete the fun Weather Pixie graphic on t'right hand side of the page. It's back.

The Annual Haggis Hunt has begun. I've spotted four Golden Haggii so far - one was lurking outside the Scottish Parliament. And one in the rain at Gleneagles.

Hairy Pooter night tonight; really looking forward to it.

The chips? Had pie (beef stroganoff) and chippies for lunch. Mmmmm.....


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