Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cars, celebrations, crook and Colombo.

Mutterings continued.

Manfred clocked over to 10,000k on Monday. The odometer is digital, not analogue, which means I didn't get to see it go from 9999 to 10000. Simple things, simple minds. I did get to see Freddie Ford's odometer turn over to 100,000.

Lots of socialising lately - yesterday I had lunch with Pat and Shirley and last night our first production meeting for Dream. The casting is yet to be finalised.

And tonight we're off to Picasso's to celebrate Leece and Maureen's birthday/s. And tomorrow it's Hairy Pooter with the Silvery Gibbon troop.

I've done something to my back - not sure if it's the disks (thoracic) or the muscles or whether it's actually my shoulders. Hurts, whatever it is.

I watched an ep of Colombo today that starred, and was directed by, Patrick MacGoohan. He played a secret agent, surprise, surprise, who had a habit of saying, as he was leaving people, "Be seeing you." At one point, he won a giant panda in a shooting gallery at a carnival. He told a little girl that it was called Archibald - should have been Rover.


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