Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cooking, caterpillars and claps of thunder

Mutterings continued.

The Italian Sausage and Olives went down a treat last night. Even I ate the olives, which was most odd. I'll be eating anchovies next. .....nah.

All the mint I planted a few months back has been eaten, probably by caterpillars. My friend Genette, who has a degree and knows these things, told me that coffee grounds got rid of the caterpillars infesting her plants, so I have been saving the grounds in a plastic container. Hopefully it will make them go away; I'm just a little concerned about unleashing wired up, caffeine addicted insects on an innocent world.

Last night's viewing was Rah Xephon (I think they've introduced a new character, just to make things even more confusing), Space:1999 and another dire movie, Robot Holocaust, from MST3K. Who'd have thought they were still making dreadful 1950s robot movies in the 80s.

The hero, Neo (hmmm, where have I heard that name before?) was played by Norris Culf, a movie star name if ever there was one. A quick squiz at IMDB reveals that most of the didn't seem to have a career in film prior to or after Holocaust. No surprises there.

The promised thunderstorm arrived. One clap of thunder was so loud it made us all jump. That's my kind of storm, though I don't think Leece was enjoying it very much.


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