Saturday, November 19, 2005


Mutterings continued.

I cannot understand how the place gets so messy during the week. It's not like I'm here all day to mess things up. *sigh* I'm convinced the cats have parties while I'm out. Would explain the number of empty cat food tins. Which means they have learned how to operate the ring-pull, which means......oh my god....cats' got opposable thumbs!

The New Scientist is running a competition asking for readers to design their perfect modifications to the human body. I've always thought a tail with opposable capabilities would be very useful when two hands are simply not enough. Or perhaps Bonobo feet which have opposable toes.

Who'd have thought Rowan Atkinson was a Geordie...

Shiny thing purchase - titchy FM radio. Dunno why, looked cute and is purple (and silver).

Off to L and R's hotel tonight for DVDs and food.


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