Sunday, November 13, 2005

Travelling Poss

Mutterings continued.

Went to Kalamunda yesterday and came home with bags of goodies. Strange place, Kalamunda - the good shops (ie the second hand bookshop, English provisions shop, etc) don't open until 10am on a Saturday. Most odd.

Got a book about Brit sleuth telly programs in the 2nd hand bookshop - has Cadfael, Poirot, Miss Marple, etc. And then I had coffee and two slices of raisin toast for $5 from the coffee shop (bargain!) and then had a wonderful time scouring the shelves in the Brit shop for goodies. While sighing. Bought some cheese and onion and salt and vinegar crisps, a couple of things for Leece and Rob, McVities dark chocolate digestives and, sigh, a big box of Gold Yorkshire Tea tea bags. Love Yorkshire Tea; unfortunately Betty's in York, who market it, charge 18quid postage. Yipe. So I was more than happy to spend $15 for 80 tea bags. The shop also had frozen Yorkshire puds that I was very tempted to purchase, however they would have thawed by the time I got home and I'm not sure even I could eat 15 puds.

And this morning I visited the Save the Children Fund book sale in South Perth. Came away with a 1940 edition of 1066 and All That, a biog of Samuel Pepys, and some great theatre programs, including one for a Perth production of Otherwise Engaged starring Martin "is that a perm or did a poodle die on your head?" Shaw, Katy "Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! Doctor!!!!!!!!!" Manning and Geoff "He's the reason I love the theatre so much" Gibbs.


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