Monday, November 07, 2005

Mutterings continued.

Set up a new lending spreadsheet for the library, tried (and failed) to understand the InMagic lending system (hence the creation of a spreadsheet), generally stayed out of the wind and rain.

The mailbox was equally uninspiring, though there was an envelope containing the tickets to Hairy Pooter.

I called into the new Coles supermarket down the road from my office. I feel guilty about not supporting the smaller (therefore more expensive) store down the road so I think I'll give them my custom next time.

Tonight's ep of Mythbusters sounds interesting: " Episode 34: Bulletproof Water
How deep must you dive to survive a gunshot? Adam and Jamie are on the case, unleashing their arsenal of pistols, shotguns and supersonic rifles to find the answer. Then the guys join forces with the MythBuilders in some playground pandemonium as they test a myth straight from the schoolyard. If you push hard enough, can you get a swing to go all the way around the swing-set bar? Everyone's tried this at some point in their lives, but this time there's a difference: On MythBusters, failure is not an option; if at first you don't succeed, then add some high explosives! " Jamie wants big boom!


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