Thursday, November 03, 2005

More poltergoose weirdness

Mutterings continued.

It disconnected my modem and won't let Firefox connect to Blogspot. IE and Opera are perfectly ok at connecting to Blogspot; Firefox keeps saying there's no data. I'm writing this in Opera, which is fine but doesn't give the full range of options such as linking, font colour, etc, just Spell Check and uploading pictures.

Another card from the PO was waiting for me in my mailbox. Dunno what it is; didn't know WHERE it is as the stupid postie had neglected to write which of 3 local POs it could be residing at. Had to ring around to find it.

Curse of the Were-Rabbit was wonderful! Lots of silly sight gags ("Angry mob supplies")and touches of adult humour ("May contain nuts"). Came with a cartoon of the Madagascar penguins. Didn't see the movie, thought the penguins were cool. The preview of Ice Age 2 was also very funny; I didn't see Ice Age 1 but know all about the squirrel and his acorn. The preview for the sequel featured the little fellow (and acorn); the rendering of his fur was so well done it looked real. Amazing.

"Kenneth Branagh is to direct a film of The Magic Flute, with a libretto translated from the German by Stephen Fry." Hmmm, interesting.


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