Friday, October 28, 2005

End of the working week

Mutterings continued.

Late night last night - the curtain on Les Mis came down at 10.50pm; I got home about 11.30. From Theatre Australia:

Les Mis (aka The Glums) - bijou reviewette from a LesMis Virgin

Knew the story, didn't know the tunes, didn't have any previous productions to compare it with.

Wow! By the gods there are some talented singers in Perth. I don't have my program with me so I won't single out any of the talent. Oh alright, Shirley W gets a gurnsey because I know her. Loved the Marge Simpson fright wig, loved the funny, downright evil portrayal of a most unlikeable/hateable character.

Leece, who despite what some people think isn't my daughter, will no doubt give a more detailed review of the staging, which she compared to a series of tableaux from impressionist paintings, in her rambling review.

It didn't feel like 175 minutes and the second half flew. I can't urge you all to see it because it's sold out. And rightly so.

And Leece's Rambling Review did indeed go into the intricacies of impressionist painting.

All in all it was a rather pricy night last night - $38 for the tickets, $10 for parking (bloody Subiaco Council!), dins at the Sicilian (cheap!) and then Leece and Rob insisted we call into the Subiaco Bookshop. Ok, I insisted. I really didn't need to spend of $70 on books, but! The Complete Calvin and Hobbes has been released in 3 lovely looking volumes. I cannot justify spending $250 on them, however. Hmmm, Amazon's price is US$94; that's about Au$150. Lord knows what the postage costs would be!


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