Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Nice weather, not too warm. We took a stroll to the cafe for coffee and ginger/date cookie at lunch time. Strolled back via the Savannah (where we watched one of the lionesses fixate on a little kid in front of the viewing window. Didn't take her eyes off him.) and Lesser Primates.

Cool vids - check out Fett's Vette.

I'm really enjoying Supernova, a Brit/Aus comedy something along the lines of The Dish. In last night's ep, Paul saw the face of God at the end of a wormhole. He was nearly right...

I finally got my taxes done this afternoon. My medical receipts were about $300 short of being able to claim anything back (grrrrr) but at least I haven't ended up owing the Tax Office anything. I'm due $245.

My dad got me one of these when I was seven. Shoulda kept it.


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