Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I tried...I really tried.

Mutterings continued.

Friend loaned me a copy of the Hitchhikers movie. I watched it up until the Heart of Gold arrived at Magrathea, sighed and turned it off. I quite liked the chap who played Ford, just not as Ford. Marvin looked like a dwarf in a Storm trooper uniform; Trillian was annoying and Zaphod was just plain wrong. The schtik with the second head was creepy and not at all amusing. And we didn't need an explanation as to how Zaphod ended up as President - after all, the hippest place in the whole galaxy is the left cranium of Zaphod Beeblebrox.

And the dialogue sounded like it was written by Harold Pinter - lots of pauses and a total lack of emotion.

I did try.

Went walkies at lunch time. We ambled down to the cafe for lunch and I ordered and paid for the $5 staff special (ravioli). No ravioli left so I had the vastly superior lamb tagine. We then ambled back via the World of Birds and Nocturnal House. The others oohed and aahed over the spiders while I watched the squirrel gliders.

Was off sick yesterday - my chest infection is back so I'm on the antibiotics again.

Has this been on the telly yet?

"Walking with Monsters.

From the makers of Walking With Dinosaurs and Walking With Beasts comes an epic and entertaining new exploration of life, revealing that in the age before dinosaurs, a succession of fantastical animals and plants ruled the planet. Most of us are completely unaware that these creatures ever existed, or believe our planet was home to just worms and bugs.

Yet there was a time when a two-tonne predatory fish came on land to hunt, when four-metre sea scorpions sliced sushi in the shallows, when just one species of lumbering reptile represented eighty per cent of all life. For the first time, this series will uncover these creatures and the bizarre worlds they inhabited. "


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