Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another closing, another show.

Mutterings continued.

That's production #11 down. Last night's performance was the best - 124 people in the audience who laughed so much, the show went over time. Jenny McCann did some wonderful upstaging, ditto Tony who did a fabulous prat fall. The director didn't see it, but we did.

The after show party was a sedate affair; well, it was when I left at 1.30am. And I got pressies! Bottle of wine from Pat, GRADS President, and a flower box of lobelias (there's a quote in the play about Jenny's character coming from the "lobelia growing classes".

Today we bump out. It shouldn't take long; I don't have many props to distribute - last night I gave Jessyca, who is a member of UDS, the group who loaned us Mr Floppee, the 'certain parts of Sir Winston Churchill'. The rest of it is divided into Mine and What Can Go in the Octagon Storeroom.

So that's for me, play-involvement-wise, for this year. We're off to see Blak Yak's The Truth on the 22nd and then Les Mis (aka The Glums) on the 27th. And I have a GRADS committee meeting on the 25th.

Coming in 2006 - A Midsummer Night's Dream. No director yet.


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