Friday, September 30, 2005

Last day of hols.

Mutterings continued.

Well, that three weeks has flown by! My body clock is still out of whack, so I must rectify it before Monday.

Slack day today, so far. Went shopping, bought some socks, cat food and apple juice (body double for whiskey) and now I'm doing some washing.

There are some very amusing "arguments" about our production of What the Butler Saw going on over on the Aust. Theatre website.

We had a small house last night - I left just before curtain up so I don't know how good they were. Tonight's audience is larger and tomorrow's numbers at 50+.

Not that we need any more evidence that the standard of English in this country is appalling, however...

" Education Minister Brendan Nelson has released examples of teachers' spelling and grammatical mistakes, in a push to overhaul English education standards.

One example included a teacher spelling Qantas as Quantas.

Dr Nelson said parents should be shocked. He blamed the shortcomings on the way Bachelor of Education students were taught at university.

"Parents have every reason to be concerned because a significant number of children are being let down," he said.

But university lecturers have hit back, accusing Dr Nelson of being an ignorant trouble-maker.

"Regarding the Qantas example, the teacher was right as far as the rules go (putting a U after a Q). Maybe the teacher had never flown Qantas before and didn't know how the company spelt its name," Flinders University primary school literacy and English lecturer Barbara Neilsen said.

"I assure you some young teachers graduating today are brilliant and we are not helped by people blaming us, but helping us to do better." "

How the hell could someone who has graduated from university in this country never have seen the name 'Qantas'?

Thanks to Leece for letting me know that The Goodies are coming to Perth in November.

I've got 'MTV Movies' on in the background and Joss Whedon is being interviewed about Serenity, which opened here yesterday. Reminds me, we are off to see it at Glod (TM) Class on Sunday.


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