Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wild and Woolly Again

16c, winds WSW 30kph, occasional squally shower – not nice weather to be out in.

Just back from a stroll around the art gallery and lunch in the Krishna café in Northbridge. We didn’t end up visiting the St Petersburg Exhibition as neither of us was in a mood for culture. We had a cursory look at the Wembley Ware, a job lot of kitsch created in Oz which features swans, crayfish, etc etc and then enjoyed a cup of tea in the incredibly breezy gallery coffee shop, before heading for the Krishna eatery. Great value – Indian vegetarian goodies, semolina and custard and yoghurt drink for $6! Oh, and a poppadom.

The Blue Room Theatre is undergoing some interesting-looking renovations. It’s a great, albeit small, theatre space so I hope they’re not taking too much of the character away. Any venue where you have to cross the ‘stage’ to get to the bar is cool.

Saw a travel doco on Moscow today – their underground railway stations are fabulous! Have a look at some of the photos here. Have a look at the murals in Komsomolskaya. I think I'd like to visit Moscow.

More props work needed tomorrow - a trip to the flower wholesalers for more roses (cast and director were very pleased with the ones I got last week and want the same colour).

This is one that didn't achieve theatrical immortality by having its stalk cut off before being shoved into a vase.


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