Thursday, September 22, 2005

O minus 1 (final dress rehearsal tonight)

Just back from lunch with Kim (hi Kim!).   We went to a Chinese/Thai restaurant in South Perth, not far from the Zoo, and had one of their lunch time specials – curry chicken and rice for Kim, satay chicken and rice for me.

Got the last of the props done this morning – the ‘brooch’ halves have been giving me grief and falling apart.  Silver doesn’t stick well to metal, no matter how much super glue you use so I ended up making a ‘brooch’ out of cardboard, painting it gold, cutting it in half and sewing one half to a brooch back.  The other half is hanging from a chain and just needs to be ‘fitted’ into its pair on the brooch.  Thank the small gods for Blu Tac; what did we do in theatre before its invention?  Oh, that’s right, duct tape.

And I found pairs of black stockings (the ones without the elasticy stay up stuff in the tops) for Jen for an amazing $2.86 a pair!  Picked up 3 pairs for her.  As I was on my knees in front of her last night, attaching her stockings to her suspenders, I made the comment that I always seem to be doing something to her undergarments.  During the run of Winters Tale I had to take her bra off just before she is revealed as a ‘statue’.  I didn’t have to take it all the way off, just undo it and tuck the straps into her dress as the back of the dress was too low and a white bra back just didn’t look right.

This time last year I was in Middlesbrough with Ash and her Mam, preparing for our trip to Scotland.


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