Saturday, September 17, 2005

Poss's Pat on the Back

Mutterings continued.

I think I may have mentioned in the past that I am rubbish when it comes to do with anything technological. That is, I'm rubbish with the hardware side of technology; I'm fine with software. Indeed, I once had a working knowledge of Microsoft NT (now, mercifully, all forgotten) when I was Acting IT Support. I could create new profiles, etc etc until the cows, or other ruminants, came home, but if anyone asked me to install a new printer on the network and I'd be cowering under the helpdesk. Dunno what it is; my brain just isn't hardwired for hardware.

Today, however, has seen a turning point. I've just bought my latest shiny thing - a rather nice, albeit cheap ($394) DVD recorder. The really, REALLY cheap one I had has died (no, I haven't had it that long) and I really couldn't be fagged going through all the hassle of taking back to DS, etc etc. JBs cattledog came along in the nick of time and so I trotted off this morning to pick up a rather nice Panasonic.

And I plugged it all in myself!! In the past when I've bought a new shiny thing it's been a case of, "Robbbb!!!!! Help!!". But today, because I was smart and just pulled the plugs out of the old recorder and then put them into the same holes in the new, I actually got the thing to work. Sort of. Couldn't see the telly or the vid player so I plugged some more cables in the front, played around with the channels and WOO HOO!! I've tested all the recording bits and it actually works. And it's possible to erase stuff from DVD-R disks, which my other one wouldn't do.

And the Top Menu function has a live menu - you can watch and hear the menu items.

On the downside, DVD+RWs are incompatible and I've got half a dozen laying about. I can probably use them on the PC; not sure, will have to check.

On the upside, DVD+RWs are more expensive and not as easy to find as the -RW disks.


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