Monday, September 12, 2005

A mid-morning blog.

Mutterings continued.

Shopping! I've been out shopping, for myself and for props. Got swabs, rubber gloves, hankies and syringes (which, at $1 each, are considerably cheaper than I thought they'd be) for the play and clothes for myself. There's a small boutique at Carousel that sells Indian goodies, including lots of lovely cotton and velvet Goth gear. I picked up three tops, maroon, black and purple, for $15 each. Bargain! They also have some gorgeous velvet frocks that would suit my mate Kim.

I have a couple of bids in for some stuff on Ebay, including a globe drinks caddy that would look good in Butler and may be useful in other plays. The guy selling it is located in Perth so I'll save on postage.


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