Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sunny Thursday

Sunny Thursday.

Went to Secret Squirrel (aka the Secret Garden) for lunch.  Yes, I know, that’s two days running.  Today I had the chicken and mushroom crepe with lots of veggies.  Sooo tasty.

Got home to discover I couldn’t open my mailbox.  I subbed to Scoop Traveller magazine and they’re sending me two copies for some reason.  Both copies had been shoved into the letter box and I couldn’t open the back flap properly.  It took some manoeuvring and bending of the magazines to get them out.

I’m typing this in Blogger for Word, an add-on to Blogspot.  I’ll see how it works.

I had a delivery of flowers today – the lovely people in the Australian fauna section send me a lovely bouquet and sympathy card.

I have a busy weekend coming up, which is nice.  Steveg’s birthday celebration is on Saturday night and I have a rehearsal and production meeting of Butler on Sunday.

I’ve just received an email from Fuel Watch and the cheapest petrol near me is 121.9c a litre.  Bloody nora!  Time to drag out the 4c off vouchers from Coles and Woolies.


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