Sunday, August 14, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Coolish, not really wettish. Lots of wind and rain last night, however. Went into the kitchen this morning to discover the wind blowing under the front door had blown the lino up.

Good food, good friends, appalling movie last night. Future War was thrown together in 1997 - hard to believe such bad films were still being made this recently. What's even scarier is that the lead 'actor' and I use the word advisedly, had a career after this piece of rubbish. He was in The Matrix Reloaded. And a little something that should appeal to my friend Ashley - The Librarians, aka Strike Force. Ah, I can just see it now - a track group of professionals called upon by their government to spring into action whenever the Dewey Decimal system is threatened.

The most credible acting came from the sock puppet dinosaurs and the cardboard boxes.

We played a game of Ticket to Ride - I finished first, got rid of all my little trains, and still came last! Don't understand.


Anonymous Rob said...

...And we watched select portions of Monkey Trousers.

Leece pointed out that it bears some resemblance to Australia: You're Standing In It or The "D" Generation. The same sort of on-going multiple skit sort of thing.

Loved the Geordie Space Program, and the insurance lawyer was ... well, pretty much spot on, from what I understand!

Monkey Trousers himself is, um, er, well, quite nice, actually. In a very strange and odd way. Certainly his idea of aerobics is no sillier than any other I have seen!


Oh, and next time, be brave! Try a long route, and your score will improve! Mind you, you did do very well to complete the ones that you did choose. And remember to take the scenic route. People pay more for that!

9:48 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

There's something rather endearing about Monkey Trousers, isn't there?

I watched the other two eps last night - oddly, the Geordie moon shoot is still on the ground.

4:30 pm  

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