Friday, August 05, 2005

Serenity - bloody brilliant

Mutterings continued.

Won't give too much away - the cinematogaphy is awe-inspiring and the battle scenes overwhelming. I think the term is "kick-ass".

Started the evening at the new, funky Retro Betty's in the Innaloo Cinema Mega-Hugey-Biggie Plex. Ate too much, lost too many card games.

Good thing we didn't linger over coffee as quite a queue had already formed half an hour before curtain up. I've never been securitised before going into a cinema before! Quick twice over with the scanner thingie, a search through my bag and temporary confiscation of my mobile phone later...

Nicked from the Serenity movie site, here is the speech by Joss Whedon read out prior to the film rolling:

Hi. This is Joss Whedon. If you're sitting
here, you're about to watch my first ever movie,
Serenity... unless you're facing the other way,
in which case i'm not sure why you're here but
you might need to talk to somebody, maybe a
professional. But if you're one of the people
actually facing the screen, then let me just say
welcome. I created a world -- well, I had a lot
of help, but this is MY letter so i'm taking the
credit -- and you're about to enter it. I hope
you like living there as much as I have.

Serenity is a very personal work with political
resonance and a heartfelt message about the human
condition and stuff blowing up. 'Cause let's
face it, nobody cares about that 'human
condition' stuff... in fact if you notice it, try
to keep it to yourself. Just tell people about
the stuff blowing up, so they'll see the movie
too. Thanks!

The fact is, i'm very proud of this movie and
everyone in it. I'm excited to show you what
we've done. And the best way I can do that is to
shut up already. Enjoy.

Joss Whedon.


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