Monday, August 01, 2005

Horrible weather

Mutterings continued.

Felt like summer today - too warm, too sunny and a horrid easterly that blew my clothes horse and pot of lavendar over on the balcony.

Friends at work loaned me a DVD of a very silly Brit sketch comedy series called Monkey Trousers. Stars Reeves and Mortimer and a host of other great people. Favourite sketches would have to be Professional Footballers' Wives (which is set in the late '50s - the footballers in question boast about being paid 5 pounds a week) and Geordie Mission Control - the ongoing story of the attempt to send three Geordies to the moon (it keeps getting aborted due to losing their window of opportunity at Middlesbrough airport; one of the astronauts was dragged home by his wife to paint the front fence; two of the moon rocket (named Whippet) chairs don't have ashtrays, and so on).

And UKTV is screening the second series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet commencing tomorrow night. Jimmy Nail - woo hoo!!


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