Thursday, August 04, 2005

A coldish but rather nice Thursday

Mutterings continued.

Had lunch with Super Director Pat and her daughter today. Went to the Secret Garden, ate lots, talked lots, bitched about actors lots and lots. It's so nice when one's own perceptions of certain people are justified by others. Pat's take on The Bastard Norman was the same as my own - he was weak, manipulative and knew exactly what he was doing. Wicked! Nathan, who played Norman, on the other hand was just lovely.

One of the outcomes of discussing plays past and future was my decision to do props for What the Butler Saw. I know, I know, promised myself I wouldn't. But Pat is going to SM and I so like working with her. I rang the Director, Stephen Lee, and he seemed to be rather pleased, judging by the number of times he said "Thank you!".

Off to see Serenity tonight. Looking forward to it.


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