Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A cool start to the day

Mutterings continued.

and a warmish afternoon. I had to open the window in my office, it was getting warm.

The letterbox was full of junk mail. Hidden in the middle was a bill from pathology and a card telling me a parcel was waiting for me at a post office I'd never heard of. Turns out to the one I usually go to under another name. A friend has sent me some Joe Orton plays and his biog "Prick up your ears".

I received 3 text messages from Westnet telling me that my hookup to broadband is getting every closer. Got an email from Amazon to advise that the Yes DVD has been posted. Woo hoo.

Press release and pre-production photos of What the Butler Saw are available on the GRADS website - www.grads.org.au.

I like the sound of this!

"Dying to BuzzMob again?
The zombies are coming! Quick pretend to be a zombie and they might not get

Theme - Zombies. No costume needed.
Flash time - 5.30pm Friday 12th August 2005 (this Friday).
Flash point - Intersection at the Cnr of Roe and William Streets
Northbridge. On the Perth train station side of the road, opposite the
piercing shop, and near the overpass escalator.

When to arrive - A few minutes beforehand ie-5.28pm, hang around or pretend
to wait for the lights to change and listen for the signal.
What to do - At 5.30 pm, the mob leaders will call the signal - 'Brains!'
Act the part of a zombie and stagger into Northbridge in your best 'undead'
manner. Cross the road and head up William Street to finish at the Brass

Afterwards - Disperse in a casual manner or, if you are over 18 and want to
continue the fun, head into the Brass Monkey and join us for a free Beez
Neez to celebrate the wonders of Mob-hood. (1 Beez Neez per living dead).
Help spread the word by sending this email to anyone you think might be
interested. If you aren't on the Buzz Mob list and want to be, you can
register by sending an email to mob@buzzdance.com.au.


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