Thursday, August 18, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Temp only got to 14.6 today, which is quite chilly. The sun was out, the skies were blue and the wind was from the Antarctic. Kim and I had lunch out of doors, out of the wind and in the sunshine. It was very pleasant - I had tuna patties and the mashed spud had blue cheese in it. Yum!

And tonight it's going down to 2c. Extra brrr! I suspect I'll have a cat or two sharing the bed. Speaking of which, how does Gus know it's 6.10am? Every morning, at the same time, she jumps on my feet, walks up me, sits briefly on my chest, then jumps down again.

I've been trawling through, looking for Derek Jacobi goodies, and came across a film of his I'd never heard of. Did a quick squiz at IMDB and saw a two word review - utter rubbish. Oh dear. Other comments in a similar vein followed. I think perhaps I'll leave that one alone.

I have, however, put Revenger's Tragedy in the shopping trolley. This is a very nasty piece of work (with Del Boy starring as a particularly nasty piece of work himself). "An adaptation from maverick Alex Cox of Thomas Middleton's celebrated play from 1607, Revenger's Tragedy tells the story of a man whose wife is murdered on their wedding day, and his desire to exact revenge on the murderer. In a post-apocalyptic Liverpool of the future, Vindici (Christopher Eccleston) returns from a self-imposed exile to bring down those responsible for his wife's murder.

While Vindici's family have fallen on hard times, the murderer - known as the Duke (Derek Jacobi) - has become rich, powerful and virtually untouchable. Employing all his wit and cunning, Vindici sets out to gain the Duke's confidence and get close enough to kill him. Vibrant and pulsating with colour and style, Revenger's Tragedy is a masterpiece of reinvention set to astound and astonish."

Stars Christopher "I was Doctor Who for all of five minutes" Eccleston and the wonderful Eddie Izzard.

An amusing quote from the film:

Vindici: Pistols! Treason! Guards! Help! My lord, the Duke, is murdered!
Lussurioso: [puzzled] No, I'm not.
[Vindici stabs him]


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