Saturday, September 10, 2005

Summer is Def. in the Air. Dammit.

Mutterings continued.

Had recourse to use the air con in the car this arvo. Just to cool things down inside as I'd parked in the sun and the ambient temp. in the car was higher than I like it*.

Notes from the SAGE quiz night we attended on Wednesday:

Of the 10 people at our table, more than half were West Aussies, ie Local, so I came up with the name for our team - A Local Team for Local People. Only Leece and Rob got the reference. When our name was read out by the MC, only a couple of people in the room got it. Most strange; I would have thought the League of Gentlemen was the kind of thing your average nerd....I mean Sys Admin would watch.

The couple sitting opposite me were Perl trainers (wouldn't have thought there was much call for specialised knitting teachers these days, but there you go) who do in-house training. One of their clients assured them they had the latest equipment, data projector, that sort of thing. They got to the training room to be told, "We don't have a data projector but we do have a television." Not quite the same thing, really.

Amusing send up, or piss take if you will, of the Carlton Big Ad (for which a friend of mine auditioned, have I said?) - A Small Ad.

Shiny thing purchase - bundle of 10 DVD+Rs for $13 and two CDs from JBs - Manfred Mann's Mann Made Hits (which includes all the tracks from their great As Is album) and, wait for it, the Best of Peter Sarstedt. I was most surprised when I turned the disk over to see more than two songs listed; hadn't realised he actually recorded more. Where Do You Go to My Lovely, I can take or leave, but I adore Frozen Orange Juice. It's one of those songs that transports me back to being 12 years old in 1969 and spending summer days at my friend Donna's house. Ditto Russel Morris's The Real Thing.

Props purchasing - got an overnight case for $3.50 and a really tacky ice bucket with a golfer on top of it. 60's kitch.

*On the I Like It scale, 20c is good, 25c is pushing your luck and 30+ is I Don't Think So! Anything over 40c is Just Plain Wrong.


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