Saturday, September 03, 2005

Prove yourself

Prove yourself

You are the move you make
Take your chances win or loser.

It’s been a Danny Webb kind of week. I’ve had Yes’s Greatest Video Hits on high rotation in the DVD player, especially Owner of a Lonely Heart. The vid for this is very 80s and seems to about snakes, scorpions and washing your face in meal worms. Danny’s character escapes from what appears to be a black and white totalitarian world into the colour of an underground foundry where he gets beaten up. He then escapes to a building rooftop where he’s surrounded by members of Yes. This leads to him throwing himself of said rooftop – not sure why, perhaps they told him Rick Wakeman was rejoining the band. Or:

Jon Anderson: “If you’re very lucky, I might even read you some of my poetry first.”
Danny Webb: “Nooooooooooo!!”

Danny contemplates Mr Anderson's offer....

and takes the only logical course of action.

(Despite my taking the piss out of Yes (who are so eminently piss-takeable) I’m a great fan of wank rock*).

Danny’s Thomas Cromwell came to a very sticky (painful, undignified) end in Thursday night’s Henry VIII at the hands of a 16 year old executioner (to say he botched the job is putting it mildly). Henry VIII was responsible for an unexpected Derek Jacobi moment – he did a voice over at the end which I don’t think was credited.

And Danny played a soldier in last night’s episode of Witless Silence (aka Silent Witness).

Off to celebrate Steveg’s birthday tonight and tomorrow I have a production meeting for Butler. And then I’m on leave at the end of the week. I erroneously thought I had another week to go, which means that I’m one week closer to production, with one week less to hunt for props!

*Wank rock – overblown, overproduced, self important, self indulgent, ego-driven stadium rock as personified by Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. I have several albums by all the foregoing, as well as their antecedents and derivations (King Crimson, The Nice, Rick Wakeman [Journey to the Centre of the Earth and The Myths & Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table, god help me!], etc).


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