Sunday, September 11, 2005

The things you hear...

Mutterings continued.

...and read. Heard on the radio: announcer talking about the effect captains have on their teams, "It's donkey see, donkey do." And this description of a perfectly ordinary vintage desk on Ebay, "Double desk with ink well hole, metal frame, wood back seat. Needs sanding and relaquering or folk art.Local pick up only. Perfect for the strict school mistress and naughty school student." Or you could use it to write on.

I've just come back from a rehearsal of Butler, which turned out to be quite profitable. As I was walking past the rear of the Dolphin, a young chap said hello. Knew I knew him, but had to come clean that I had no idea where from. He was the SM for Winter's Tale earlier in the year. I've decided to be honest about my lack of recognition of people; it's so much easier than trying to remember who the hell they are. Anyway, he's with the University Dramatic Society and in their props store they happen to have a dildo the right size and shape to stand in for Winston Churchill's penis. I asked if it was solid and he said it could be made rigid. Talk dirty to it, do you? I asked.

At the moment it's attached a light sabre handle, apparently, which makes one wonder about UDS's interpretation of Star Wars.

Good night last night - chicken kiev with asparagus and prosciutto and salad, and apple strudel and ostrich feet for afters. Ep 2.1 of Atlantis (woo hoo!) and ep 1.1 of MST3K. Yay Dr Forrester! No Frank yet, but. The movie was the Crawling Eye which, despite the cheapness of the sets and paucity of dialogue (it was almost Pinteresque), the Eye itself was rather cool.


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