Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A lunch time blog

Mutterings continued.

12:06pm and I've visited two shopping centres and Office Works (mmm...Office Works. On we stationery junkies had a long conversation about how we could happily live in Office Works as it supplies all 5 basic requirements - pens, paper, computers, chocolates and biscuits. I staked out the paper aisle as my home.).

I found the pill boxes I needed for Butler - one is supposed to be white, the other red. Well, I got a white and a pink one. Close enough! I bought a rather lovely In Tray at Office Works; looks like red leather and will go rather nicely with the leather blotter I won on Ebay. I also nicked a carboard box to put Churchill's willy in. I couldn't get to the mailing boxes as the staff had left two ruddy great ladders in front of the shelves, and another one in front of the in boxes, so I felt very justified in taking a empty carton from the pile. I declared it at the checkout, though I didn't declare what I wanted it for...


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