Thursday, September 15, 2005

A lovely sunny day...

Mutterings continued. which I got very little done. Had such plans - bit of housework, off to lunch with The Gels, thence to JBs and assorted op shops. Got as far as lunch... Ah well, it was nice sitting outside eating lots, drinking coffee and dissing directors, actors, etc etc.

Rehearsals tonight. Must remember to tell the director I have a wheelchair for him.

Some Douglas Adams pilots that never made it to air: (taken from TV Cream)

THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS (1975) - Not Castle territory, but, bizarrely enough, a comedy sci-fi dramatisation of the famous book, wherein aliens challenge the UN to a Guinness record-based Olympic Games. Written by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd, this one actually came frighteningly close to being made.

OUT OF THE TREES (1976) More ChapAdams comedy (with Bernard McKenna), this time a very sub-Python sketch show. Sketch where Simon "Arthur Dent" Jones and Maria Aitken caused the destruction of the world by nicking a neighbour's flower presaged Adam's Hitch-Hiker's themes.

SNOW SEVEN AND THE WHITE DWARFS (1975) Yet another Douglas Adams/John Lloyd script about two astronomers isolated from the world in a remote mountain observatory on top of Mount Everest. The idea was that with just one set and two cast members, cheapness alone could convince the curmudgeonly BBC Light Entertainment department to give it the go-ahead. They didn't, but later on they green-lighted the similar cheapo spacefest COME BACK, MRS NOAH! which cannot have been any worse than this effort.


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