Tuesday, September 20, 2005

O minus 3 and counting

Mutterings continued.

More props shopping and a very nice lunch. I bought four sacrificial roses for tonight's rehearsal - gorgeous red they are, shame they have to get the chop (literally). I'm visiting the wholesale flower sellers in West Leederville tomorrow to see if I can get them any cheaper than $14 for four (!!). Fake ones won't do as they have wire and heavy plastic up the stems, making them impossible to cut with scissors. It all makes for a very funny couple of scenes.

I also bought a standby large vase in case the existing vase gets broken. 'appens. The cast of Nightingale were shockers for breaking and losing things - two gold chains, two rosaries, a shoe, a pack of cards, an ARP badge and a British Communist Party membership card were either broken or MIA. And we still can't find Jesus! He was last seen in the Dolphin dressing room but vanished on the final night.

I also managed to find a cardboard box small and sturdy enough to hold Winston Churchill's willy. It was sitting on a shelf in the Clearance section of Target - dunno what had been in it but there were six of them according to the sticker on the bottom. I showed it to the spotty faced herbert doing security and said, "Can I have this? It's for a play and it's just the right size." Don't think he believed me; should have told him what I planned to put in it.

This morning I caught the bus into town and met up with a friend I haven't seen for about 10 years. Interesting. Not sure where it's headed. Anyway, we had lunch in the Asian food hall in James St (he had curry, I had Malay) and swapped My Life So Far stories.

Rehearsals tonight are in the Dolphin. Hurrah! I don't think the set is finished, but then it wouldn't be amateur theatre if the paint was dry on opening night.

I've got a bio in the program this year.


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